CTF Cookbook #

Welcome to the CTF Cookbook! This is a collection of short techniques that are useful for solving CTF challenges.

This is the accompanying website to the Youtube Playlist.

F.A.Q. #

How to use this website? #

If you’re just looking to get familiar with CTF techniques, I’d recommend watching through the Youtube Playlist.

This website is good for searching for specific techniques and contains all the download files for trying the challenges locally.

How can I stay up to date? #

Right now the best way is through Youtube. In the future there may be a mailing list.

Who is this for? #

Anyone interested in CTFs! I try to imagine that I am coaching someone that would like to join my CTF team.

(But since I do CTF writeups, I can’t have many people on my team.)

Why build this? #

I enjoy CTFs, and I love solving challenges that seem impossible at first. I hope to spread that joy.

It’s also frustrating that sometimes to solve a CTF challenge you need to know a specific technique. (Such as __free_hook and one_gadget or SigROP). I hope I can spare newer CTF players that frustration.

Who built this? #

Made with ♥ by c0nrad from Sloppy Joe Pirates. In meatspace he goes by Stuart.